Minbari Mondays, Mora’dum, and Cursing Names

Critical thinking for Human Community

There is another interruption in the sending of our fictional letter (reviewing each film and episode of Babylon 5) that I receive each week from Ranger Mayann.

Hopefully, reports from The Great Machine on Epsilon 3 will resume soon. Meanwhile, here is a short, based on the Ranger training use of terror, as it could be applied here on earth:

        The punishment will be worth it.

        If any technology sufficiently advanced appeared to be magic, so much the better for this human, harming others of his kind with no thought even for himself.  The Moradum would be perfect, to set an example.

    As the flame met the paper, the man’s hands began to burn.  His screams were muffled by the bands that began to wind more tightly around his face.  That had been a gift from a passing…

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