Đinh Trường Chinh | when I’m only just waking up (37)


By Đinh Trường Chinh, translation by Nguyễn Thị Phương Trâm


this morning I heard

the birds in the trees

sensed the dying leaves

bubbling away in the middle of the forest

the scents of last night’s storm

damp still

sensed I the colour of the sunlight

lighting up one layer of the forest after the other

this morning

I couldn’t be bothered with breathing.


this morning. I could sense again

the third beat in my heart

like a dream

someone calling me by name

in the early morning light in the streets

a city remote. far away

at 6:10 in the morning

or perhaps it was just an echo

from a night long ago.


today I heard the birds sing

smelt the leaves / the rain / the pillars of smoke

on the way home

across the forest

a spring

all there is where I live


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