We Don’t Need More Babies!!!!

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I saw an article headline in the New York Times this morning …

Who Has the Cure for America’s Declining Birthrate? Canada.

A number of things went spinning through my mind, but the dominating thought was – why does our declining birth rate need or deserve a cure???  All things considered, this world does not need any more humans hellbent on destroying our precious resources!  It seems, especially of late, that there is a taint in the gene pool here in the U.S. that more and more of our population are affected with TS – Terminal Stupidity.

Rather than trying to increase an already hefty population, let’s focus on educating the ones we have!  In fact, I would advocate sterilization for every single individual who blatantly refuses to be vaccinated or to wear a mask.  They are the breeders of TS.

And then there’s the environment.  At the current rate…

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2 thoughts on “We Don’t Need More Babies!!!!”

    1. She cares deeply about those with us now. Was reacting to rather simple articles about a fall in US population this past year when US, alone, lost more than 600,000 to death from Covid and many of those should not have been lost.

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