Covid and Brain Function


The new article in Science is one that I both expected and feared.

The findings are that Covid survivors, whether hospitalized or not, can show long term mental defects. “Long term” today means months after infection, because the disease hasn’t been around that long. What we don’t know is how long these effects linger, or whether some people never recover.

What we do know is that up to 30% of those hospitalized are affected, and that, six months after recovery, just about half of these remain unable to return to work. The brain is “fuzzy”, they many have difficulty reading screens or processing simple information and doing habitual tasks. Looking both ways when crossing the street becomes an issue. Leaving water boiling and forgetting about it becomes an issue. That’s for people in their 30s, not 90s.

Unfortunately, an unknown percentage of people who are never treated for the initial…

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