Now COVID-19 vaccines are here in Jamaica, some of us would still prefer to party but – just get vaccinated

“We have had more than enough deaths now – a total of 1,371 since the pandemic began. In case you missed the key message of this post it is this: get vaccinated, and get others vaccinated – including your teenage children.”

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The Delta variant has “officially” arrived, the Ministry of Health and Wellness has announced. Twenty-two out of forty samples were returned from the Caribbean Public Health Agency. We are in the early stages of the dreaded Third Wave. Already, it is terrible. As all this is happening, we are also struggling with a wave of anti-vaccination propaganda (politely called “vaccine hesitancy”) dissemination by an unknown person or persons on Facebook or “forwarded many times” on WhatsApp. Did we want the vaccine doses, after all? We have plenty, for now.

Many of us, it seems, would prefer to believe a stranger on the Internet than our own doctors, who are working so hard, at this moment. And if the “hesitants” fall sick, they will trust the same doctors whom they ignore to make them better.

The Prime Minister announced new measures under the Disaster Risk Management Act in a…

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