Birds from Walden blue heron

Blue herons are pure magic! Elegant magic…

Words from Walden

blue heron

This beautiful bird can be found at the edge of the pond, often sneaking through the long grass in search of frogs.

The heron stands tall and straight in its posture helped by its long legs. Slow to move unless it has to.

 Colours of a purple-ish grey-blue separate the truly majestic-looking creature from other similar typed birds such as osprey and flamingos. 

This huge bird has a massive wingspan and simultaneously looks elegant and cumbersome at the same time while trying to take off. 

It furiously flaps its wide wings barely clearing the treeline as it flys away in an upwards path that does not allow much leeway for mistakes.

 At times it will fly through the tree branches because it can not clear the treetops, yet it still manages to not crash into the leaves. 

Always making seemingly hard work look easy, the heron eventually reaches…

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