Two Indigenous place names restored in B.C. |

The British Columbia government says two English place names on the Sunshine Coast are changing to reflect the language and culture of local Indigenous Peoples.

They say the community of Wilson Creek, south of Sechelt, is to be called ts’ukw’um, and the nearby Saltery Bay south of Powell River is now skelhp.

Source: Two Indigenous place names restored in B.C. |

My Swan-song


Gold sun rising 
Echo of warmth
On the wings of birds
Drawing the deepest breaths
Fragrant harmony plush
In the pulse of blooms

I see the sunflowers turn to the ultramarine
Creaming the air
A coagulation of hues
As flowers burn hot on the horizon
Whisper of petals reveal the rapture of forgotten fantasies
Rolling into the heartbeat of time

Rain forged clouds stir the ether
Smelling like sanctity
The mystics of sensitive wisdom

I fall in love with the universe again

Its like seeing the inside of a raindrop

My swan song is a whimsy wanderlust

Blue ~ my ink
I daydream into my page.

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Santiago Galicia Rojon Serrallonga


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Lloré. Derramé lágrimas en silencio. Percibí el sabor amargo del llanto. Miré a cientos de jóvenes, en femenino y en masculino, formados, en espera de ser vacunados contra el Coronavirus, mitad descubiertos y la otra parte oculta con cubrebocas, quizá con la interrogante que plantean los signos de la hora contemporánea y con la impotencia ante la falta de respuestas inteligentes y certeras.

Jóvenes con derecho a la vida, a ser felices, a amar, a realizarse plenamente como seres humanos y a probarse cada instante durante su caminata terrena. Permanecían en la fila de apariencia interminable, inquietos como son, callados unos y hablando otros, sonrientes algunos y pensativos en determinados momentos, acaso porque alguien -y muchos más- pretende automatizarlos y ejercer control absoluto sobre ellos, probablemente por las sombras que de pronto trastocaron las luces, quizá por el dolor…

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Raiders, Saints Will Require Proof of Vaccination or Negative Test to Attend Games

NPR reports that the Raiders have deemed themselves “the first team in the National Football League to announce a vaccine/no mask policy,” but much like their aversion to the postseason, we all know that’s bullshit because the Saints announced a similar mandate last week. The main differences are that while vaccinated Saints fans will be required to wear masks when they aren’t eating or drinking, vaccinated Raiders fans aren’t required to wear masks at all. The Raiders will also offer unvaccinated fans the option to receive the vaccine at Allegiant Stadium, wherein they will then be required to wear a mask while attending the game.

“We are committed to doing everything we can in the current environment to protect your health and safety while at the same time providing the best game day experience in the NFL,” the Saints said in a statement to their fanbase.

Source: Raiders, Saints Will Require Proof of Vaccination or Negative Test to Attend Games

France sends aid to Guadeloupe and Martinique, the islands struggling with COVID-19 surge | Euronews

France’s Dumont d’Urville navy ship arrived on the island on Wednesday to deliver more than 100 tonnes of medical oxygen. The island is not currently experiencing a shortage of oxygen, but requested additional supplies to prevent possible tensions, authorities said.

The ship is due to leave on Thursday to supply Guadeloupe.

The two islands also welcomed more than 100 healthcare workers from mainland France on Wednesday and more reinforcements are expected on Friday, the health ministry has said.

Medical evacuations are also expected to be stepped up. This is “more than necessary to relieve the services of the university hospital” in Guadeloupe, the head of the local ARS, Valérie Denux, told reporters.

According to her, the health ministry is currently finalising plans to transfer eleven patients in the coming days.

At the beginning of next week, “we will do another rotation and then we will accelerate the medical evacuations according to the needs because the wave is very strong and is catching up with us”, she added, anticipating several evacuations per week.

Source: France sends aid to Guadeloupe and Martinique, the islands struggling with COVID-19 surge | Euronews