Good People Doing Good Things — A Kit and Kaboodle!

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Humble and heartfelt apologies, but I am falling back on a good people post from 2018 tonight, but it is a good one that many of you haven’t seen before.  Next week I’ll do better … I promise!

It’s that time again, time for a look at some of the good people who are out there doing good things for our world.  I think you will enjoy today’s selections … and here … you’re going to need theseKleenex tissues.png

Trenton Lewis is only 21-years-old, but this young man has one of the strongest work ethics I have ever seen.  Trenton is the father of an adorable 14-month-old daughter, Karmen, who serves as a powerful motivator.

Karmen Karmen Lewis

“My pride is strong. Whatever she needs, I’m the person who is supposed to provide it for her.”

Seven months ago, Trenton was offered a job at the local UPS center, 11 miles from…

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