‘Abortion reversal’, the latest attack on women’s sexual health, is delusional | openDemocracy

Abortion pill reversal’ (APR) treatment was invented by an anti-abortion doctor in California. It involves taking high doses of progesterone, a hormone, following the first of two pills used for a medical abortion (mifepristone and misoprostol).

Progesterone isn’t dangerous, but this delusional ‘treatment’ could be. The only high-quality clinical trial into this method, in the US, was halted in 2019 after some participants hospitalised with severe haemorrhaging.

Along with other openDemocracy reporters across four continents, I contacted a 24-hour APR hotline – run out of the US by the Christian Right group Heartbeat International – while posing as a pregnant woman living in Uruguay.

A US hotline operator emailed me a copy of a ‘consent form’ stating that I understood APR was an “off-label use of progesterone” and that I should “seek emergency medical care immediately” if I experienced pain or heavy bleeding.

Then I was connected to local activists and a doctor in Uruguay. This doctor gave me a progesterone prescription over the phone, and the local activists insisted that they could bring the pills to my home and for free.

No national medical authorities in Uruguay have approved or recommended APR. Despite this, the Uruguayan doctor assured me there was “no reason for fear”. Shesaid that this treatment works, although it is not “standard practice”.

But my pregnancy was fake – as fake as the world in which APR is a ‘treatment’.

Source: ‘Abortion reversal’, the latest attack on women’s sexual health, is delusional | openDemocracy

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Vivaldi translation:
“Silence is the prayer of the wise”. Every form of silence humanizes us. When you have nothing to say, be proud of it; not to shut up, but to conscience before reacting.

Marii Freire Pereira

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” O silêncio é a oração dos sábios “. Toda forma de silêncio nos humaniza. Quando não tiver nada a dizer, orgulhe-se disso; não do calar, mas da consciência antes de reagir.

Marii Freire Pereira

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Santarém, Pá 18 de Agosto de 2021

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Wat Pho

ore de drum

Bangkok, 2017

Mergând mult pe jos prin Bangkok, am intrat în zeci de temple budiste.


Unele sunt gratuite, la altele se plătește bilet de intrare, al cărui preț variază în raport cu importanța lor istorică. În unele intram doar ca să mă așez la umbră, să mănânc, să mă răcoresc. Toate dispun de toalete curate, fapt deloc de neglijat într-o țară cu riscuri alimentare.


Fiecare templu are câte un element distinctiv special, care îi conferă un plus de sacralitate.


Oamenii merg acolo să se roage, să aștepte un miracol, să găsească putere, să reflecteze. Ritualul este identic, te descalți, intri discret, te așezi pe jos. Ce se întâmplă după aceea veți vedea, e păcat să vă spun chiar totul.


Printre acestea, Wat Pho, cel mai vechi și mai mare templu din Thailanda, în care funcționează o universitate religioasă, o școală medicală și un institut de masaje tradiționale, este azi cea…

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Human rights office to probe ‘disturbing surge of hate’ in B.C. | Globalnews.ca

The first public inquiry from British Columbia’s Office of the Human Rights Commissioner will examine white supremacy and the “disturbing surge of hate” during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The commissioner’s office said in a news release there has been a significant rise in reported hate-related incidents in B.C. since 2020, which highlights an urgent need for a “trauma-informed” investigation.

Source: Human rights office to probe ‘disturbing surge of hate’ in B.C. | Globalnews.ca

US COVID-19 vaccine booster program to begin Sep 20 | CIDRAP

Today White House officials released details of their plan to deliver booster COVID-19 shots for all fully vaccinated US adults who completed their two-dose mRNA vaccination regimen at least 8 months prior. The booster program will begin the week of Sep 20.

“It is now our clinical judgment that the time to put out a plan for boosters is now,” said Vivek Murthy, MD, the US Surgeon General. “We have data that protection against moderate disease decreases over time.”

Murthy said the boosters will be contingent on the Food and Drug Administration authorizing the third dose.

Source: US COVID-19 vaccine booster program to begin Sep 20 | CIDRAP