The Earth is not a commodity and we are All part of Nature – updated

Barbara Crane Navarro

Interview | The indigenous writer and leader Ailton Krenak believes the Earth is a living organism and that if humanity continues at the current predatory rhythm, humanity itself will enter the list of endangered species.

photo: Neto Gonçalves /Companhia das Letras

«We’re experiencing the planet’s fever.» This is what Ailton Krenak says and that, apparently, a significant portion of humanity is not realizing – or else, is denying it.

The increase in the temperature of the planet comes as a reaction; it shows that the Earth organism is reacting to the predatory and destructive actions of human beings, but we are so focused on ourselves that we are unable to feel this disconnection.

«We take from the body of the Earth», says Krenak. We had a divorce, believing that we could live on our own. With one condition: extract, dominate, explore everything that comes from Gaia.

We are divorced…

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