The Gatekeeper

Weekend Stories by Trishikh

Neither very far from the hustle-bustle of the Kolkata city nor very deep in the lap of the South 24 Parganas rural landscape stood an ageing gated community, the Adidham Housing Complex. It was developed in the year 1937, a decade prior to Indian independence. At the time of its inception, the project was a hallmark of the twentieth-century community residence. Now in the year 2000 much had changed from the original vision of its creators after sixty-three years of its existence.

Most of the individual cottages now stood abandoned with rusted locks hanging on their wrought-iron picket gates. The once lush and colourful mini-gardens within the white wooden fences of each of the little houses now lay overgrown with wild vegetation and barb nettles. While unhinged doors and windows flopped with the wind night and day, plaster pealed brick revealing walls greeted bats and critters who had become the…

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