Sacred Study Saturdays, Torah Portion Judges, or Shoftim, and Community

Critical thinking for Human Community

Parashat Shoftim / פרשתשׁוֹפְטִים

Read in the Diaspora on 14 August 2021 (6 Elul 5781).

Please accept my apologies as I am not feeling well this week, so the next few days posts will be rather brief.

I taught a class on Parashat Shoftim and Community with a follow up on this the next year in last week’s parashah at the DC Beit Midrash, some years ago.

Given the fact that one is not allowed to live in a place with no court, we are all part of a society in which a system of justice must be looked after. The existing justice system must become more fully inclusive for all of us.

Action Items:

1.) Search for two different sources related to this week’s section of the Bible, or, if you prefer, to the Holocene Epoch and to the Holocene Calendar.

2.) Share them with…

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