Captain Seeks a Sea-Going Cat to Sign on for a Trip Around the World, New York Times (1922)

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Captain Edwin Dyason, master of the freighter Woodfield will welcome any ablebodied seafaring cat wishing to join the crew of his vessel, sailing today for Manila and China. “We missed the ship’s cat shortly after we put into port here,” said the Captain. “Her name was Cleopatra. She joined on in Fremantle, Australia and did one voyage with us. Now she has left us flat.”

One of the party offered to give the Captain a fine angora kitten, but he refused the gift saying “It would be useless to try and keep it onboard. Only seagoing cats are any use on a vessel.”

“Joking aside, sea cats are a race in themselves. Why a land-lubber cat wouldn’t know how to take care of itself in a rough sea. But a sailor cat knows just what pile of ropes to hide under. It stays there and waits for fair weather before…

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