Birds from Walden Cardinal

Words from Walden


Like theRobin, The Cardinal is another bird that is a power symbol.

This radiant red bird portrays perfect symmetry. Most commonly seen with a stylish spikey haircut on the top of its head, a head that is a brighter red than the rest of the body.

Sporting an orange beak, the rest of its face is covered by a black mask to protect it from the sun, identical to most Goldfinches.

 The Cardinal’s head is a more solid red than the rest of the body which has a touch of grey, looking like a painter’s purposeful brushstroke blended it deep into the red. 

Somehow through the striking redness ,  these birds seem to disappear in the green canopy of the bushes.

I often spot a pair in the forest frolicking for fun. The pair are similar and different at the same time. One is the normal red…

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