Avian Flu Diary: Through A Scanner Darkly

Yesterday, the CEO of Oak Hill Hospital in Brooksville addressed the Hernando County County Commission, and reported:

  • They have 133 COVID-positive patients out of our 309 total patients in the hospital
  • They’ve had to dedicate five nursing units to COVID.
  • They are close to having their ICU being filled with COVID patients.
  • That 25 patients in the ICU have COVID-19. 17 are on ventilators, ages from 25-75
  • Of the patients on ventilators, 14 are under the age of 65.
  • Only one had been vaccinated against COVID-19.

Admittedly, this is but one small microcosm, nestled in a semi-rural region of Florida, but it probably represents much of the United States right now. Hospitals are overrun with COVID patients, with healthcare workers overworked, exhausted, and at high risk of infection themselves.

Importantly,  this is August –  traditionally the nadir of respiratory illness season – and yet hospitals are barely coping. Things could get really dicey if influenza, RSV, and other winter ailments return this winter alongside COVID.

Source: Avian Flu Diary: Through A Scanner Darkly