Đinh Trường Chinh | night – đêm (20)


by Đinh Trường Chinh, translation by Nguyễn Thị Phương Trâm


night . with me awake

the universe is a room

full of dark shadows

so I lay listening

to the call of the wind

arching branches .


night . with me awake

the world

a garden of stars

voices of glass

shattering beneath feet



taking me pass

the shadows

the depths of time


return I to

the universe dark shadows

to hear

the voice of time break

out on the grassland

footsteps without a print



the night is blackest still

dark deep black

night awake

lay down by me



stay young for me

don’t grow grey

the night still young


the night still young

till the day is light.



đêm . thức cùng tôi

vũ trụ là căn phòng

đầy bóng tối

tôi nằm nghe

tiếng gió


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