Mexico tells Mennonites: stop cutting down jungle to plant – The Washington Post (Me: irresponsible deforestation for profit in Mexico and Columbia)

In 2018, Mexico slapped a 10.3 million peso ($540,000) fine on a Mennonite community for clearing tropical vegetation in Quintana Roo state, also on the Yucatan Peninsula.

The Attorney General for Environmental Protection said members of the community removed plants including endangered chit palm and jobillo trees from 3,251 acres (1,316 hectares) that are home to a protected olive-throated parakeet.

Source: Mexico tells Mennonites: stop cutting down jungle to plant – The Washington Post

1,200% increase in orders for antibody treatments to treat COVID in the U.S. – San Gabriel Valley Tribune

As coronavirus case numbers spike, the US has seen a 1,200% increase in orders for monoclonal antibody treatments in the past month, the US Health and Human Services Department told CNN Thursday.

HHS said as of August 6, the latest date they have figures for, nearly half of the distributed supply has been used. The treatments have been used at new sites and at locations that were until recently inactive.

“At this time, there is plenty of product available for existing and new sites,” a spokesperson for HHS told CNN. “They are able to order product as needed and we are encouraging sites to order as much as they think they’ll need, based on two-week utilization.”

Source: 1,200% increase in orders for antibody treatments to treat COVID in the U.S. – San Gabriel Valley Tribune


My brother and I were both adopted – thanks for posting this! comigo!

Como explicar o amor? O amor daquilo que é uma extensão contínua de você? Ou do que foi acolhido como seu? Claro que estou falando da adoção. O modelo tradicional de família se tornou muito mais flexível e hoje, há casais que mesmo tendo os filhos biologicos, tem o desejo de adotar uma criança, de oferecer um lar e, também conseguir ser um referencial para a outra pessoa.

Que adotar uma criança é um gesto de amor, todos sabem. Mas, essa relação estreita e umbilical quer com os filhos vindos da consanguinidade, ou o filho que você “acolhe” é algo extraordinário. Quem adota uma criança, alimenta um sentimento inexplicável pelo outro, digamos que essa pessoa ” reiventa” essa questão dos cuidados maternos. Isso que estou falando serve para ( pais heterossexuais como para homossexuais). Como eu sei que uma mãe ou um pai, são capazes de ter papéis que demontra…

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Measuring Up


We all crave acceptance but have we taken the time to look at whether we measure up to our own ideals. Stepping back, and picturing who we pretend to be and who we really are is the first step towards self realization. The question we need to ask of ourselves is: How worthy are we in accordance with the judgment of our own eyes?

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Cavatelli pugliesi con ceci e broccolo romanesco


Eccomiiii!!!! ….come state????🤞😷🍀🍀🍀

Io bene…. grazie😉👌… vi ringrazio davvero tutti per i messaggi che mi mandate 🤗 tramite mail e notifiche WP per rimanere connesso e spronarmi a “partorire qualcosa di nuovo” che possa soddisfare la vostra curiosità sul mondo veg.

Oggi andiamo su un “classico tradizionale”… un primo piatto che potrebbe scaldare gli animi e i palati di tutti dato che qualche giornata invernale la fa ancora da padrona nonostante alcune bellissime ore di sole che questo Marzo ci sta regalando.

I legumi… andremo di ceci, ma quelli “boni”… non roba da scatolame! 😝👎 Quindi armatevi di santa pazienza e preparatevi ad un loro ammollo che durerà minimo 12 ore… ebbene sì, le “cose bonehanno bisogno di tempo per poter essere realizzate.

La pasta che utilizzeremo, i cavatelli sono un formato di pasta tipica del profondo sud, della Puglia precisamente…

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Getting into the Delta Variant Mindset

In simple terms, many people who caught the original virus didn’t pass it to anyone, but most people who catch Delta create clusters of infection. That partly explains why cases have risen so explosively. It also means that the virus will almost certainly be a permanent part of our lives, even as vaccines blunt its ability to cause death and severe disease.

And a reminder, as we “argue over small measures” here in the US, that most of the world is in a much worse place:

Pandemics end. But this one is not yet over, and especially not globally. Just 16 percent of the world’s population is fully vaccinated. Many countries, where barely 1 percent of people have received a single dose, are “in for a tough year of either lockdowns or catastrophic epidemics,” Adam Kucharski, the infectious-disease modeler, told me. The U.S. and the U.K. are further along the path to endemicity, “but they’re not there yet, and that last slog is often the toughest,” he added. “I have limited sympathy for people who are arguing over small measures in rich countries when we have uncontrolled epidemics in large parts of the world.”

Source: Getting into the Delta Variant Mindset