What do YOU consider « offensive »? – updated

Barbara Crane Navarro

« The gold miners dig everywhere like wild pigs. The forest’s rivers will soon be no more than miry backwaters, full of mud, motor oil, and trash. They also wash their gold powder in the streams, mixing it with mercury. All these dirty and dangerous things make the waters sick and the fish’s flesh soft and rotten. After the gold prospectors arrived the forest had become bad and was filled with xawara epidemic fumes. Since the gold miners arrived among us most of our fathers and grandfathers were devoured by their diseases.» – Yanomami spokesman and shaman Davi Kopenawa

What is my personal point of view regarding «obscenity»?

I’ve had occasional problems, over many years, with photos of Yanomami living traditionally in the rainforest that I posted on Facebook. Due to censorship concerning their «community standards». Facebook removes the «offending» photos and I’ve been sanctioned by having my ability to…

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