The Week’s Best Cartoons 8/7

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As she does every Saturday, our friend TokyoSand has scoured the ‘Net for the best political cartoons of the week.  There are a couple of really great ones this week.  As you might guess, the big topics of the week are the COVID surge and Andrew Cuomo.  Here are a few, but be sure to head over to TokyoSand’s place, Political Charge, to see the rest!  The very last one on TokyoSand’s page is especially touching.  Thank you for all your hard work in finding these, TS!

Be sure to check out the rest of the ‘toons over at Political Charge!

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2 thoughts on “The Week’s Best Cartoons 8/7”

  1. Political cartooning seems to me to be a rough business to be in. You have a whole day in which to work, but your product better be good, and the eyes of the editor are on your back the whole time. It’s a nerve-wracking experience, for sure.

    — Catxman

    1. Not easy at all. I have always been amazed at their ability. When I was an editor, I worked with a whiz of a cartoonist who had no ideas but could draw perfectly what I talked through – was happy to give him all the credit.

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