Puerto Rico widens vaccine requirements amid COVID-19 spike – The Washington Post

Puerto Rico’s governor announced Thursday that vaccinations will be required of government contractors, hotel guests and employees and all health facility workers to control a spike in COVID-19 cases blamed largely on the Delta variant.

The order goes into effect Aug. 16; those who refuse to get inoculated will be required to submit a weekly negative COVID-19 test. Violators will face up to a $5,000 fine or six months in jail, with few exceptions allowed.

“We cannot lower our guard,” said Gov. Pedro Pierluisi. “There are vaccines for everyone. Vaccinations are the solution.”

Source: Puerto Rico widens vaccine requirements amid COVID-19 spike – The Washington Post

California mandates vaccines for healthcare workers by Sept. 30 – Los Angeles Times

The new mandate applies to employees in hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, clinics, doctor’s offices, hospice facilities, dialysis centers and most other healthcare settings, and stipulates that they complete their inoculation regimen by Sept. 30.

“As we continue to see an increase in cases and hospitalizations due to the Delta variant of COVID-19, it’s important that we protect the vulnerable patients in these settings,” Dr. Tomás Aragón, state public health officer and director of the California Department of Public Health, said in a statement. “Today’s action will also ensure that healthcare workers themselves are protected. Vaccines are how we end this pandemic.”

Source: California mandates vaccines for healthcare workers by Sept. 30 – Los Angeles Times

Perverso y contradictorio

Santiago Galicia Rojon Serrallonga


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Mientras la comunidad científica permanece en sospechoso y extraño sigilo y en aparente y simulada impotencia ante las nuevas variantes de Coronavirus que cotidianamente afectan a incontables personas, a nivel global, las potencias compiten por la conquista del espacio y se apoderan, gradualmente, de Marte y de otros planetas, en un afán de ambición desmedida, control absoluto, supremacía y dominio. La ciencia y la tecnología son ambivalentes y se les aplaude cuando se utilizan para bien de la humanidad; no obstante, las élites poderosas y los gobiernos que controlan, en alianza con los científicos, son incapaces de enfrentar y combatir una enfermedad contagiosa que crearon y dispersaron en el mundo y, a la vez, ambiciosos, crueles y soberbios al derrochar imágenes seleccionadas para demostrar su poderío, en una supuesta búsqueda de vida -migajas distractoras, por cierto, porque no van…

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Can we Afford to have another Generation of People on the Planet Who Pollute the Environment and Do Even More Damage than What we are seeing Now?


Deforestation, plastic pollution, air pollution , climate change and more destruction

We need to do more to save our planet and start using new instructions

Reducing pollution is a great place for us to start

We simply need to decide that we will do our part

Photo by Markus Spiske on Pexels.com

Itwould be nice to have a clean environment to enjoy

But with so many people who only care aboutincreasing wealth, they only destroy

Cutting down trees and not replanting them and dumping waste into the Sea

When we should be thinking of the ways to be plastic free

Photo by Markus Spiske on Pexels.com

Educating our children about these very important issues can cause us to see a change

And in the future they willfind much better ways to manage

They will be reducing their Carbon footprint as they live in a sustainable way


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Housing & Utility Relief – 513 Relief – Cincinnati and Hamilton County Ohio

Have you lost income or been laid off due to COVID-19? You may qualify for several rent and utilities programs designed to keep families safe in their homes by helping with rent, mortgage, utilities, and eviction prevention. Hamilton County and the City of Cincinnati are allocating millions of Emergency Rental Funds. Source: Housing & Utility Relief – 513 Relief