Vaccinations continue in Jamaica (what are you waiting for?)

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Vaccinations continue across the island this week. The response to the “blitz” over the holiday weekend was somewhat lackluster and the pressure needs to be stepped up – especially in light of the fact that hospitals are under pressure. Here is yesterday’s update from the Ministry of Health and Wellness…

And please, if you know someone who is unsure, still has questions about the vaccine – and especially vulnerable older Jamaicans – try to persuade them to go and get vaccinated. Get them organized, hold their hand, accompany them if need be.

This screen grab from a video on Twitter made me chuckle. These people are waiting for their vaccinations in a classroom in St. Catherine. I expected one of them to put their hand up: “Please, Miss, I know the answer!”

In the same way that they mobilize people to go and vote at election time, when they virtually…

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