Jamaica Update, August 3, 2021: Andrew pleas for peace, Elaine flies down the track, and everyone must get vaxxed

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These are tense times. While most of Jamaica has been glued to the Olympics track events – obviously, our forte – the number of COVID-19 cases has been accumulating rapidly. New cases are now in three digits daily, and so are hospital admissions. It is alarming, but what’s happening in Tokyo has provided a welcome distraction. The amazing Elaine Thompson-Herah just let loose in the 100 and 200 meters, arms and legs flying in all directions, and sticking out her tongue as she crossed the finish line today. (My husband thinks she has too many tatoos!)

Elaine Thompson-Herah won her second gold medal in the 200 meters sprint earlier today, followed by Christine Mboma of Namibia and Gabrielle Thomas of the United States. (Photo: Reuters / Pawel Kopczynski)

I don’t personally buy into all the clichés surrounding the Olympics: that the games represent “hope for the world,” that they bring…

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