Good People Doing Good Things — Inspiring Youths

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First, I must apologize for reprising a ‘good people’ post from 2018.  I try not to do this with the good people posts, and typically I have no need to, for there are so many good people out there doing their part to make this world a little bit better.  But tonight, I got a late start, and then found some problems with the subject I had earlier chosen to write about, so it was back to the drawing board.  But … I am out of energy tonight and cannot manage much more, so I hope these young people will warm your heart enough that you can forgive my laziness!

Campbell Remess

Meet Campbell Remess, age 13. Campbell, nicknamed Bumble by his little sister, lives with his family in Hobart, Tasmania.  (Tasmania, for those who might have thought it was only the fictional home of the Tasmanian Devil, is an…

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