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A Nation Gang Raped

By Nguyễn Văn Thiện, translation into English by Nguyễn Thị Phương Trâm 


In today’s play, the main character is a bright young corseted femme fatale in a wide brim traditional woven hat. Her appearance on the stage caused a stir in the crowd: “Wow, she’s so pretty! Lovely! Gosh The Nation is so beautiful!”.

Her footsteps were so light it looked as though she was riding on top of a wave, her smile was that of a flower about to bloom. Down below, the audience applauded in appreciation. A mother whispered into daughter’s ear: “See there child, the young woman there represents our country. Can you make out the shape of our Nation? Curvy, pretty, see, see that…”. Young children are impressionable, they of course believe everything they see, clapping enthusiastically… And of course, the character’s name is The Nation.

The Nation sang…

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LA County endures worst COVID-19 caseload day since February; child is among 16 deaths – San Gabriel Valley Tribune

Los Angeles County reported its highest daily number of new COVID-19 infections since early February on Wednesday, Aug. 4, while also announcing 16 more deaths linked to the virus — including a child younger than 12.

The child had unspecified underlying health conditions, according to the county Department of Public Health. It marked the sixth COVID-19 death of a child in the county since the pandemic began. Two were under age 12 and four were between 12 and 17.

The 16 new deaths announced Wednesday lifted the county’s overall death toll from the virus to 24,720.

Another 3,734 COVID-19 cases were reported Wednesday, the largest single-day number since the beginning of February. The new cases gave the county an overall total from throughout the pandemic of 1,311,656.

County officials noted that COVID infections have been increasing among health care workers. The county had been reporting fewer than 50 cases per week involving health care workers for the past few months, but the number jumped to 295 during the week that ended July 17, and 175 for the week ending July 24.

As of mid-June, 68% of surveyed health care workers in the county were fully vaccinated, along with 85% of skilled nursing facility staff, according to the Department of Public Health. A new state policy taking effect this month will require all health care workers in California to get vaccinated or undergo weekly testing.

Source: LA County endures worst COVID-19 caseload day since February; child is among 16 deaths – San Gabriel Valley Tribune

Colleges Across the US and Canada Are Adopting Virtual Student IDs – Slashdot

Apple Wallet is expanding access to its contactless student IDs, a feature it first debuted in 2018. A number of U.S. universities are adopting the new format for the first time. Apple Wallet student IDs will also arrive in Canada later this fall. The Verge reports:The University of New Brunswick and Sheridan College will be the first two Canadian schools to use Apple Wallet IDs. The new US roster includes Auburn, Northern Arizona University, University of Maine, and New Mexico State University, in addition to “many more colleges across the country.” The University of Alabama, one of the program’s early adopters, will also be the first school to issue exclusively mobile student IDs (to students with eligible devices) this fall. (Those with Android phones can use the digital cards through Google Pay.) Apple claims that “tens of thousands of college students” will have access to the feature during this upcoming school year. Source: Colleges Across the US and Canada Are Adopting Virtual Student IDs – Slashdot

La agenda

Santiago Galicia Rojon Serrallonga


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Anoche, mientras acomodaba libros, la encontré. Permaneció náufraga, lejos de mí, entre documentos, revistas, ejemplares de periódicos y libros, con los nombres, los apellidos, los números telefónicos y las direcciones de la gente de mi ayer, acaso como constancia de las personas que conocí, probablemente fiel pedazo de mi existencia, quizá cual suspiro nostálgico que queda atrapado en páginas desoladas de papel, tal vez por eso y más. Es la agenda familiar, la libreta que resguarda, celosamente, las identidades y los domicilios de quienes compartían mis apellidos y de muchos más que se sumaron a nosotros, en otras décadas, en tiempos distantes. La revisé con emoción, como quien descubre un tesoro. Revisé los datos, leí nombres de personas ausentes, de gente envejecida, con direcciones y números telefónicos que ya no existen. Leí cada nombre y evoqué imágenes, momentos fugaces…

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Vaccinations continue in Jamaica (what are you waiting for?)

Petchary's Blog

Vaccinations continue across the island this week. The response to the “blitz” over the holiday weekend was somewhat lackluster and the pressure needs to be stepped up – especially in light of the fact that hospitals are under pressure. Here is yesterday’s update from the Ministry of Health and Wellness…

And please, if you know someone who is unsure, still has questions about the vaccine – and especially vulnerable older Jamaicans – try to persuade them to go and get vaccinated. Get them organized, hold their hand, accompany them if need be.

This screen grab from a video on Twitter made me chuckle. These people are waiting for their vaccinations in a classroom in St. Catherine. I expected one of them to put their hand up: “Please, Miss, I know the answer!”

In the same way that they mobilize people to go and vote at election time, when they virtually…

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Oregon health care workers to get COVID vaccine or be tested

Oregon health care workers will be required to be vaccinated or undergo weekly testing, Gov. Kate Brown announced Wednesday.

Officials say the new rule will apply beginning Sept. 30 — giving time for employers to prepare for implementation and for unvaccinated health care workers to become fully vaccinated.

“The more contagious delta variant has changed everything. This new safety measure is necessary to stop delta from causing severe illness among our first line of defense: our doctors, nurses, medical students, and frontline health care workers,” Brown said.

Brown directed the Oregon Health Authority to issue the new rule which applies broadly to personnel in health care settings who have direct or indirect contact with patients or infectious materials. The rule requires weekly COVID-19 testing for personnel and can be waived with proof of vaccination.

Source: Oregon health care workers to get COVID vaccine or be tested

Massachusetts to require COVID-19 vaccine for all nursing home staff | TheHill

All nursing home workers in Massachusetts will be required to get fully vaccinated against COVID-19, Gov. Charlie Baker (R) announced Wednesday.

The move is an escalation of Baker’s efforts to increase the state’s vaccination rate, and marks the first statewide mandate. Nearly every hospital in Massachusetts is set to require their employees to be vaccinated.

All unvaccinated staff at the 378 skilled nursing facilities, as well as the two soldiers’ homes in the state, will have to receive a first dose of a two-dose series by Sept. 1. Enforcement will begin Oct. 10.

Source: Massachusetts to require COVID-19 vaccine for all nursing home staff | TheHill