Insurrection Update #10

In Saner Thought

News from the depths of the ugliest period in recent history…..the insurrection of 06 January.

This is my small attempt to keep the news and events around the insurrection in the minds of my readers and hopefully they will get more insight than they would normally.

First, I see that some of the worthless slugs that took an active part in a state insurrection gets off basically scott free….

A former Oregon lawmaker who was expelled for letting violent, far-right protesters into the state Capitol pleaded guilty Tuesday to one count of official misconduct.

The Statesman Journal reports that Mike Nearman was sentenced to 18 months probation, during which he will need to complete 80 hours of community service and is banned from the Capitol building and grounds. He will also pay $200 in court fees and $2,700 to the Oregon Legislative Administration for damages done during the Dec. 21…

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