China registers new COVID-19 cases after one year.

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Source – chinadaily

China has recorded one new COVID-19 case on Monday. The latest outbreaks have caused more than 350 infections in at least 27 cities in 18 provinces across China. After successfully containing the novel coronavirus since May last year.

Wuhan, the city where the first case of novel coronavirus emerged in 2019 will test all its 12 million citizens through Nucleic acid testing. Six residential communities of Haidian district in Beijing have also been put under lockdown.

The first new case was recorded on July 20 in the Nanjing province of Jiangsu at the Nanjing Lukou International Airport where cleaners got infected after disinfecting a plane from Russia, possibly due to poor sanitation and protection.

A couple on their way to Beijing on a high speed train from Zhangjiajie, Central China’s Hunan Province had tested positive on Wednesday with mild symptoms. All 38,000 people from where the couple…

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