A “Third Wave” (of mangoes) on Emancipation Day

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First of all, a disclaimer of sorts: I am not trying to make light of COVID-19. It is weighing heavily on our minds, as new casesare hovering around the 200 mark on a daily basis, and our hospitals are filling up rapidly. It’s no joke at all. Mass vaccination is under way – and we are so grateful for the vaccines, indeed!

So, throughout this hot, treacherous summer the mango trees in our yard have been bestowing their bounty on us, as if to compensate for the trials of the pandemic and the at times almost intolerable heat. And they have come in waves – heavy, bouncing waves, sometimes crashing on the roof and rolling off.

Julies from mother-in-law’s house. (My photo)

The First Wave was the Julie mangoes (augmented greatly by my mother-in-law’s generous tree on the other side of town, which is the “gift that keeps on…

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