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Every song I’ve considered playing for the past hour, I have already played too recently for a redux. And anyway, I’ve been re-duxing entirely too much of late. I was chatting with a friend the other evening and the subject of Sam Cooke came up, so I went in search of a Sam Cooke favourite that I haven’t already worn out here. And I found one! I literally did a happy dance … well, okay, it was more a sigh of relief, since it’s late and I am too exhausted to dance at the moment.

Sam Cooke wrote this song, but gave the writing credit to his younger brother L.C. because he did not want his own publisher to profit from the song.

According to Songfacts …

“Cooke was signed to Specialty Records, which was a gospel label. Cooke’s producer, Bumps Blackwell, brought this to Art Rupe, who owned the…

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