List of Vintage Bicycle Manufacturers and Brands

Frugal Average Bicyclist


Coast to Coast – Marquis brand. Private labeled bikes for Coast to Coast hardware. Generally budget bikes. Ross made some of the early models. Out of business.

Colson bicycles – Ohio company that began making bicycles in 1917. Made Firestone and Goodyear branded bicycles most notably. Stopped making bikes in 1962.

Huffy – founded at Dayton, OH in 1892. Brand still active in big box stores.

Kent – founded at New York City in 1909. Still active.

Montgomery Wards – Wards has been out of business a long time now, but it appears they branded some decent vintage bikes. Some were made in Austria likely by Steyr. Not very collectible due to branding.

Murray – founded at Cleveland, OH. Started making bikes in the 1930s. Don’t believe they are still offered.

Roadmaster – founded at Cleveland, OH in 1936. Brand still active in big box stores.

Ross – founded…

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