Day 61/67 of GED in Five Months, language as a function of context, and Adult decision-making as a function of community

Critical thinking for Human Community

Our language varies based on the context in which that language is used. Mathematical language always has a very specific meaning and a precise context: the mathematical context. We use words everyday that have different meanings, precise meanings, in different contexts. An Adult must understand the specific meaning of a given word before making decisions that will affect anyone, including just themselves, since our decisions never really affect only ourselves, do they?

Today’s reading starts looking at functions as applied in our physical world:

force F as a function of time. …”

Week 17/18
Day 61 Lesson Plan
Essay Writing -Continue working on your concluding paragraph
math: Identifying and evaluating functions
Science reading:
Please see the Lesson plan for Day 61’s Exit Tickets
(Day 60Day 62)

Action Items:

1.) Did you see any interesting new mathematics (for once you finish this course…

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