Bad Fairy, Good Fairy?

Critical thinking for Human Community

This is not working as I’d hoped, but does explain why we need more visions of a kinder world:


-May the pain you cause my fe rebound thrice or more unto thee, and may you understand why, just before you die.


A malicious laughter tinkled across the canyon, startling Ametis out of a focus that suddenly became embarrasing.  Wheeling around with a sharp curve of a wing, the source of the cackle now revealed itself.  Perhaps taking the form of a peregrine falcon, rather than a starling, would be a good idea right now?  A short pip called the other starlings into formation around Ametis, who was grateful that they had accepted the call of a non-physical.  Ametis, armed with support, heard the laughter became a cough.


-Ahem.  Calling down mortal curses now, are we, good little fairy?


-Protecting my human, you stain on our…

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