Day 59/67 of GED in Five Months, elements of an argument, and elements of a molecule

Critical thinking for Human Community

We use words every day, which many have different meanings in different contexts.  Pros, cons, and rebuttals are elements of a basic argumentative essay, while hydrogen and helium are basic chemical elements.  Language is important, and shouldn’t it be?

Today’s reading starts looking at one of the basic tools of understanding the world around us:

“The Periodic table characterizes the known elements in increasing order of atomic number. It starts on the top right hand corner with Hydrogen and continue from left to right which then repeats in the horizontal row below the last element. This is not just a list of elements it is organized in very different ways like properties and atomic mass. At first glance the periodic table may seem disorganized with only a couple elements on the top row and a block on the last row but it is very specific in the way that they…

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