Some Covid Vaccine Hesitant Now Express Regret – The New York Times

As Mindy Greene spent another day in the Covid intensive care unit, listening to the whirring machines that now breathed for her 42-year-old husband, Russ, she opened her phone and tapped out a message.

“We did not get the vaccine,” she wrote on Facebook. “I read all kinds of things about the vaccine and it scared me. So I made the decision and prayed about it and got the impression that we would be ok.”

They were not.

Her husband, the father to their four children, was now hovering between life and death, tentacles of tubes spilling from his body. The patient in the room next to her husband’s had died hours earlier. That day, July 13, Ms. Greene decided to add her voice to an unlikely group of people speaking out in the polarized national debate over vaccination: the remorseful.

“If I had the information I have today we would have gotten vaccinated,” Ms. Greene wrote. Come what may, she hit “send.”

Stonehenge tunnel campaigners win court battle – BBC News

John Adams, SSWHS’s director, said: “We could not be more pleased about the outcome of the legal challenge.

“Now that we are facing a climate emergency, it is all the more important that this ruling should be a wake-up call for the government.

“It should look again at its roads programme and take action to reduce road traffic and eliminate any need to build new and wider roads that threaten the environment as well as our cultural heritage.”

Source: Stonehenge tunnel campaigners win court battle – BBC News

COVID-19 Vaccine Breakthrough Cases Are Extremely Rare, According to KFF State Data Analysis | KFF

After a review of the websites of all states and D.C. and other official sources, the new analysis found that half of states (25) report some data on COVID-19 breakthrough events. Within that, 15 states report these data on a weekly basis and one state reports on a daily basis, while the other nine report more infrequently. Overall, the data found that breakthrough events are extremely rare among those who are fully vaccinated, and that the vast majority of reported COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations, and deaths in U.S. are among those who are unvaccinated or not fully vaccinated. Some key highlights include:

  • The rate of breakthrough cases reported among those fully vaccinated is well below 1% in all reporting states, with Connecticut the lowest (0.01%) and Oklahoma the highest (0.9%). Hospitalization rates among those unvaccinated ranged from effectively zero (0.00%) in California, Delaware, D.C., Indiana, New Jersey, New Mexico, Vermont, and Virginia to 0.06% in Arkansas. Death rates were even lower at 0.00% for all but two states, Arkansas and Michigan, where they were 0.01%.
  • More than 9 in 10 COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations, and deaths occurred among people who are unvaccinated or not yet fully vaccinated. The share of COVID-19 cases among those not fully vaccinated ranged from 92.02% in Oklahoma to 99.85% in Connecticut.

Source: COVID-19 Vaccine Breakthrough Cases Are Extremely Rare, According to KFF State Data Analysis | KFF

“Get di jook, man!” More vaccines have arrived in Kingston, Jamaica.

Petchary's Blog

This afternoon, Minister of Health and Wellness Christopher Tufton tweeted footage of a British Airways plane taxiing on the runway at the Norman Manley International Airport in Kingston with 300,000 doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine. Not only Minister Tufton, but Prime Minister Andrew Holness and Foreign Affairs Minister Senator Kamina Johnson Smith were there. The full works.

British High Commissioner Asif Ahmad attempted some patois while making a speech at a podium in front of the plane: “Get di jook, man.”

The vaccines arrive. (Minister Tufton’s Twitter)

Meanwhile, the vaccines are on their way to the various vaccination centres across the island, as I write. If you need your first dose, you can get it if you are over 18. Here is the information from the Ministry of Health and Wellness:

Jamaican 18 Years and over eligible for vaccinations

 KINGSTON, Jamaica. Friday, July 30, 2021: The Ministry of Health…

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Social Disintegration of Society (In the Present) Through the Eyes of Emile Durkheim


One of the founders of Sociology

According to “Ritzer’s” Introduction of Sociology, Durkheim believed that the educational system should provide individuals with training for life in a broader society. He taught sociology of morality in hopes of the moral system being passed on to young people. His perspective was that society is held together by mechanical solidarity (a social/moral consensus). The subject of morality was his main focus of study. “Each society is unique, with it’s own needs and norms”. People go about their daily lives probably without giving much thought to how or why human beings operate the way we do. Some may assume that society maintains order and stability because we have laws that govern our actions. Yet there are those who break the law even while being completely aware of the consequences. So what is the “glue” that holds society together? Durkheim calls it the “Core Value…

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Departe de orice, aproape de sine

ore de drum

Meryemana, 2017

Din Izmir, am făcut o excursie de o zi, combinând situl antic de la Efes și Casa Fecioarei Maria, în apropiere de orașul Selçuc, în direcția muntelui, la cinci kilometri de poarta sudică de ieșire din situl arheologic de la Efes.

Unele texte sfinte susțin că ea și-a trăit ultimii ani și s-ar fi stins din viață aici, la Efes, într-o umilă căsuță, pe locul căreia s-a ridicat o biserică minusculă, ascunsă printre măslini seculari. Se presupune că a ajuns la Efes cândva între anii 37-45, în același timp cu Apostolul Ioan, a cărui basilică am văzut-o la Selçuc. Este cunoscut faptul că, înainte de a fi răstignit, Iisus l-a rugat pe Apostolul Ioan să vegheze asupra mamei sale și astfel se explică prezența simultană a amândurora la Efes. Pentru detalii, vezi Șapte.

Ca să ajungi acolo, ai de-a face cu un control multiplu de poliție, foarte riguros…

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Pfizer Vaccine: The Case for Booster Doses –PLEASE READ


Newly released research based on global tracking of 45,000 adults receiving this vaccine shows that the effectiveness (“efficacy”) of the vaccine declines from 96% to 84% after 6 months. It’s certainly logical to expect that as time progresses, this fading would continue, but we won’t know for sure until we have data from the future.

Among those age 65 and over, the booster shot improves antibodies to the virus to a level that is eleven times greater than that achieved with the second shot, especially in fending off the Delta variant.

Taken together, that makes a strong case for getting the booster shot. Or pill, when that’s available.

Separately, there was an article today making the case that humans have less control over the progress of the virus than we like to claim. The same could be said about global warming. Now I really don’t care about the origins of…

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Arizona reports highest daily COVID-19 cases since March | TheHill

Arizona on Friday reported its highest daily COVID-19 case count since March, as the contagious delta variant drives up numbers across the country.

The Arizona Department of Health reported 1,965 new coronavirus cases on Friday along with 24 deaths. Hospitalizations have also ticked up, with 1,072 coronavirus patients in hospital beds on Thursday.

Source: Arizona reports highest daily COVID-19 cases since March | TheHill

As blazes on embargoed Amazon land surge, links to meat industry emerge

Devastating fires on legally protected land in the Amazon rainforest have surged under Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, according to a new report by the Bureau of Investigative Journalism.

Satellite mapping of blazes and data on illegal deforestation show the number of major fires on embargoed rural land increased from 77 in 2018, immediately before Bolsonaro took office, to 124 in 2020.

Source: As blazes on embargoed Amazon land surge, links to meat industry emerge