The Community Paralegal Programme: supporting Jamaican victims of violence

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The discussion about gender-based violence continues in the Jamaican media; in fact, it never really goes away. But very often, those who suffer are not aware that help is available.

The Community Paralegal (CP) programme is there to help. It is delivered by the non-governmental organization Stand Up For Jamaica, with grant funding from the Caribbean Vulnerable Communities Coalition (CVC). The programme is geared at providing free legal and psychosocial support to victims of gender-based and inter-personal violence, in particular women and girls.

This is all about justice, and even more importantly, about protection, information, reaching out for and obtaining help. It uses the CVC’s Shared Incident Database.

I hope that you will take note of this important programme, and share this information (including contact information at the end of this post) with any organization or individual who may find it useful. Let’s get the word out that help…

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Thursday Theories – War vs Anti-Maskers and Anti-Vaccines

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I originally had nothing for this week, but then in Sydney, they had a anti-lockdown “protest”. Where lots were fined and arrested. People who I originally had no respect for, were calling this “protestors”, boof-heads and special idiots. When people who originally thought lock downs were bad, have now done a 180. You should probably listen.

Ironically enough as well, my partner got a text message saying that he needed too get a COVID test done, which meant both myself and my mum had to get tested. I had only been back at my house for ONE night, after the lockdown. So been waiting all day and evening for the results. Pretty sure it’ll be negative though.

NSW, currently, have the Delta Variant, pretty much ripping through NSW. In fact, it’s because of some movers from NSW, that a lot of the other states had to go into lockdown. NSW…

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The U.S. Has Lost Its Collective Conscience

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Today, I am deeply disappointed in a large portion of this nation.  Oh, there are many reasons, but my current angst is fueled by some responses I have read and heard to the testimony of the four police officers before the House Select Committee investigating the January 6th insurrection on Tuesday.

First, I would like to ask that you watch this 8-minute interview Don Lemon did with Officer Michael Fanone yesterday.  Lemon plays a clip of a voicemail that Officer Fanone received during the time he was testifying and … it is so vile, so disgusting, so cruel … but I think it’s important to understand how a certain segment of our society thinks.  My apologies, but I cannot embed this video, however here is the link:

Don Lemon interview with Officer Michael Fanone

Tragic and disgusting.  Officer Fanone and every other officer who defended the Capitol and protected…

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La voz del poeta

Santiago Galicia Rojon Serrallonga


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La voz del poeta es el idioma de las hojas al sentir las caricias y los ósculos de la lluvia y el viento en primavera y en verano, en otoño y en invierno. El lenguaje del poeta es el concierto del océano, una mañana o una tarde, al fundirse en el horizonte con el sol y regalar crepúsculos a los enamorados, a los que ríen y lloran, a los solitarios, a los caminantes, a los que duermen una noche y a los que despiertan una mañana. Los susurros del poeta son las melodías del arte y también sus pausas, sus silencios, sus detalles, sus motivos. El canto del poeta es concierto del mundo y del paraíso, nota de luz y de barro. La letra del poeta es el abecedario infinito, principio y fin, día y noche. El sigilo del…

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