The Rise of the American Left and Nina Turner: What Her Win Would Mean

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Today I would like to share another post by our new blogging friend Quentin over at WeTheCommoners. Quentin talks a bit about some of the up-and-coming new faces in the Democratic Party, or the ‘Left’, and then he posits that the new blood in the party needs to stand firm, that they aren’t being forceful enough and have been afraid to utilize their power. Now, up to this point, I fully agree with him … the Democratic Party as a whole needs to be more forceful, not allow the ‘other side’ to walk all over them as they are so often doing these days. But he takes it a step further and there is a point where I’m not quite 100% in agreement with him. However, I want you to read this post with an open mind, for he makes many excellent points that should be given thought, so I…

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