Good People Doing Good Things — David & Linda Brown

Home run idea and implementation! Thanks for finding and posting Jill Dennison.

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It was a tough choice for this week’s good people, for I had two major candidates, and several small ones and only so much time, space, & energy.  So, I have bookmarked the ones I didn’t choose for another Wednesday!  Meanwhile, I’d like to introduce you to David and Linda Brown of Springfield, Missouri.

Back in November 2010, the couple saw a need for a drop-in center for the homeless in downtown Springfield during the early evening hours. Together with some friends, they opened one evening a week at The Front Porch, a venue in the heart of downtown. The purpose was two-fold. First, was to provide a safe place for homeless persons to get off the streets for a few hours. Second, was to build relationships and gain a firsthand understanding of homelessness.

A couple of years later, they expanded their operation, formed The Gathering Tree, and moved to…

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