Jamaica Update, July 27, 2021: Insults hurled, apologies not proffered, and COVID-19 fraying nerves

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The problem-plagued Olympic Games in Tokyo finally got under way, and has proved a helpful distraction for Jamaicans fretting about COVID-19 and everything else. And we had some soothing rain – although it has been a contentious week, with insults flying here, there, and everywhere. Oh, and on a personal note…our roof is still leaking. And, as I have noted in previous posts, COVID “tun up.”

Caribbean: Some exciting political news. Firstly, in Saint Lucia there was an upheaval at the July 26 general elections. The somewhat conservative Prime Minister Allen Chastanet, a former Tourism Minister, was soundly defeated after five years in office and the new Prime Minister is former Opposition Leader Philip J. Pierre, leader of the Saint Lucia Labour Party. Chastanet’s United Workers Party won only two seats (he held on to his own), and interestingly two Independent candidates won seats. He made a gracious concession speech

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