When Children know What it means to Go Green they will Develop Good Eco-Friendly habits


When children know what it means to go green

They can look forward to the day when the environment is clean

When they learn why they should reuse, recycle, reduce and repair

They will always be thinking about environmental care

Stop Wasting Food

When wasted food gets to landfills it emits greenhouse gases. Children can learn about these simple things and understand why they should change the way they eatif they arewasting food.

Use Less Single-Use-Plastic

Children can learn to use reusable utensils, water bottles and containers and they will be happy to do their part and protect the environment when they know why they need to these things.

Eat more plant-based meals

Cattle farming is causing a lot of Co2 to be emitted in the air. Eating less meat and increasing the amount of plant-based meals we eat is good for our health and good…

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