Lê Vĩnh Tài | TIBET (3/10)


By Lê Vĩnh Tài, translation by Nguyễn Thị Phương Trâm



by injustice died a needless death

barely escaping with bloodshot eyes

empty stomachs


drawn from your face

the sheep

innocent wildflowers


into the soil

behind a cunning ballad 

an alien shepherd


drowning in strangers

Where did they come from?

without amnesty:

the virtue of a song;

the tattered clothes

upon your body

thinner and paler than before the sunrise


did you not hear the gunfire 

the quiet of each new dawn

decades long ago


they brought with them death

they arrived

as dragonflies

yearning to swim

upon belly buttons


as senselessness

invaded your homeland

the grass green still upon the green rocky paths

red blood seeped still into the red earth

monasteries full of strangers

in your hands a pile of letters

a pile of words

synonymous with an ode about life

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