A clarification/correction on Jamaica’s vaccination numbers; and new COVID restrictions start tomorrow

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I have to confess I am not good at numbers. So I made an error in yesterday’s account of the Ministry of Health and Wellness briefing on COVID-19.

Let me set it straight. I noted yesterday: “Over 300,000 have received their first dose. This includes 122,000 who have received their second.”Incorrect! (I have removed that part now).

A kind follower pointed out to me that these numbers refer to the total number of vaccines administered, NOT the total number of people vaccinated.

The Ministry reported today that as of Sunday, July 25 their numbers are: 178,444 first doses have been administered, and 123,848 second doses of AstraZeneca. This adds up to a total of 302,856 doses administered. As you can see, there is still a bit of a gap between the first and second dose numbers, and those who are now due are urged to get their second dose…

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