Vintage English Bicycle Head Badges

Frugal Average Bicyclist

One of the things I love about the old English bicycles are the really cool badges they all had. Here is a collection of some of these badges and a little info about the company:


Raleigh Bicycle Badge

Founded in 1887 and started with a small shop on Raleigh Street in Nottingham, England.  They would go on to buy up many of the other English bicycle makers and become the largest bike manufacturer in the world.  In 1960 they were bought by Tube Investments and TI-Raleigh was formed.


Triumph Bicycle Badge

Began manufacturing bicycles in 1894. This is the same company that would go on to make motorcycles and cars. The brand was sold to Raleigh in 1954 for bicycles.


BSA Head Badge

The Birmingham Small Arms Company was founded 1861 and made bicycles, motorcycles, and firearms. It began making bicycles in 1880. In 1957 the bicycle…

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