UNICEF renews call for ban on corporal punishment in Jamaica — Petchary’s Blog

A child is just a child. Not an adult, but an adult in the making. How then, does a small human being (who has not yet worked things out for him/herself) deserve to be shouted at, beaten, slapped and kicked into submission, in the name of so-called “discipline”? That small child deserves love, nurturing, protection […]

UNICEF renews call for ban on corporal punishment in Jamaica — Petchary’s Blog

L.A. County exceeds 3,000 daily coronavirus cases as surge worsens – Los Angeles Times

Los Angeles County reported 3,058 new coronavirus cases Friday, as a troubling surge of the Delta variant continued to worsen and officials urged people to take precautions.

New infections have exceeded 2,500 each of the past three days, levels the county has not seen since the winter surge in February. Officials said Friday the positivity rate was 5.2%, up from 4% last Friday.

This surge is predominantly hitting people who have not been vaccinated. But with the highly infectious Delta variant racing through the region, additional measures — such as wearing masks inside crowded public places — can further armor everyone against transmission.

Source: L.A. County exceeds 3,000 daily coronavirus cases as surge worsens – Los Angeles Times

What kind of transport do you prefer ?

Ships and trains for me.

pe blog

Ships and boats

Since I’m the kind of person who likes to discover as soon as possible a new destination, a new country, a new culture, a new landscape, obviously, I like the airplane !

What about you? what is your favorite means of transport?

Anyway, have a good week!

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Biden Officials Now Expect Vulnerable Americans to Need Booster Shots – The New York Times

Biden administration health officials increasingly think that vulnerable populations will need booster shots even as research continues into how long the coronavirus vaccines remain effective.

Senior officials now say they expect that people who are 65 and older or who have compromised immune systems will most likely need a third shot from Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna, two vaccines based on the same technology that have been used to inoculate the vast majority of Americans thus far. That is a sharp shift from just a few weeks ago, when the administration said it thought there was not enough evidence to back boosters yet.

On Thursday, a key official at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said the agency is exploring options to give patients with compromised immune systems third doses even before regulators broaden the emergency use authorization for coronavirus vaccines, a step that could come soon for the Pfizer vaccine.

Dr. Amanda Cohn, the chief medical officer of the C.D.C.’s immunizations division, told an advisory committee to the agency that officials were “actively looking into ways” to provide certain people access to booster shots “earlier than any potential change in regulatory decisions.”

Telefonează-mi un poem

ore de drum

Paris, 2016

Abia acum am aflat cum se pot transforma cuvintele în ființe, culori, sunete, himere.


Până să apară John Giorno, poezia rămăsese cu vreo cincizeci de ani în urma celorlalte arte devenite, între timp, multimedia.

ian.2016 215

Poet și personaj memorabil al curentului underground newyorkez, partenerul scriitorului William S.Borroughs vreme de patruzeci de ani, amant și muză al lui Andy Warhol care a filmat cu el șase lung-metraje, până să-l descopere pe Joe Dallesandro, considerat cel mai chipeș bărbat al tuturor timpurilor, personajul nostru e un supraviețuitor al stilului de viață din anii 60-70. Artistul plastician Ugo Rondinone i-a organizat și scenografiat prima retrospectivă din lume la Paris, Palais de Tokio.

ian.2016 213

Încă din adolescență, și-a dorit să fie poet și nimic altceva, iar visul i s-a împlinit aproape de la sine, pentru că n-a fost niciodată nevoit să lucreze, datorită părinților care l-au susținut.

ian.2016 217

Cu timpul, a devenit interpretul propriilor creații…

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Filosofa's Word

Was there ever a day when my head wasn’t about to explode from all the injustice and lunacy that we live with on a continual basis?  Was there ever a day when people just treated others right, when our government wasn’t being ripped apart by radicals?  Sigh.  I do remember a day when things were better than today in many ways, but let’s face it … there has never been a time that people were completely kind and compassionate toward all, never been a time when there weren’t arguments within the government – and among people – about how things ought to be done.  So, I suppose it’s what keeps me going, gives me the will to fight injustice and ignorance yet another day.

Selling children …

The headline that made my jaw drop read:

New York becomes sixth state in U.S. to ban child marriages

You mean to tell…

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Never Satisified

Lolsys Library

After seeing the racism debacle that was after England lost to Italy. I realised something, mainly because of one tweet. I’m not going to post it, because it’s annoying as hell.

Pretty much, it was a white guy saying that “taking a knee” makes people feel uncomfortable, maybe if we could come up with a sign that everyone could agree with?

Fuck Off, lol

Mainly you are NEVER going to come up with anything that would make the opposition feel “comfortable”.

The point of any protest, is it to make people uncomfortable.

Taking a knee may be one of the most peaceful way I have ever been alive to witness.

If YOU feel uncomfortable watching someone take a knee, you SERIOUSLY, need to ask yourself why.

Do people just not understand what a protest is?

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