Ohio chief medical officer on unvaccinated becoming infected: ‘It is really now just a matter of time’ | TheHill

Ohio’s top medical experts held a news conference Wednesday where they discussed vaccines questions and safety. Bruce Vanderhoff, the chief medical officer for the Ohio Department of Health, warned residents that they essentially have a choice between the vaccine and the virus.

“It is really now just a matter of time,” Vanderhoff said during the conference. “It is when, not if, an unvaccinated individual develops COVID-19.”

“Either you get vaccinated or you are going to get COVID-19,” he added.

Source: Ohio chief medical officer on unvaccinated becoming infected: ‘It is really now just a matter of time’ | TheHill

Incel Who Idolized Elliot Rodger Charged With Planning Mass Murder

Tres Genco, a 21-year-old man in Hillsboro, Ohio, has been charged by a federal grand jury over the planning of a mass shooting at an Ohio college after years of posting on “incel” message boards and idolizing Elliot Rodger, who killed six people and injured 14 in Isla Vista, California and at University of California Santa Barbara in 2014. Source: Incel Who Idolized Elliot Rodger Charged With Planning Mass Murder

What’s So Wrong With an Honest Look at America’s Past? – WeTheCommoners Blog

New Bogeyman on the Scene: Critical Race Theory

Conservatives have melted down over the idea of critical race theory and its so-called pervasion through public schools. Critical race theory was invented in the 1980s by academics and law professors and was taught in universities in obscure programs. Below are some of critical race theory’s founders….

Source: What’s So Wrong With an Honest Look at America’s Past? – WeTheCommoners Blog

Alarming L.A. spike in coronavirus cases: 2,551 in one day – Los Angeles Times

In a troubling pattern, Los Angeles County has reported another day of sharply increased coronavirus cases.

On Wednesday, 2,551 new COVID-19 cases were recorded, the biggest total in months, underscoring of how the Delta variant is rapidly spreading among those who have not been vaccinated.

Officials have expressed growing alarm over the spread. The positivity rate now stands at 5.2% in Los Angeles County; a month ago it was only 0.7%. With Wednesday’s tally, county health officials report that cases have increased twentyfold over the last month.

The spike comes after L.A. County over the weekend begin requiring people to wear masks in indoor public locations.

Source: Alarming L.A. spike in coronavirus cases: 2,551 in one day – Los Angeles Times

Deforestation is Our Enemy


When people don’t know why trees are important they destroy them

They only think of earning and then they create a problem

What will money do for us if our air is toxic

Because we are cutting down trees and burning plastic

When more people know about the value of our trees, life will be great

We need to build environmental protection awareness now, before it is too late

The climate crisis did not happen over night

It has been a long time since enough people wouldn’t treat the environment right

Photo by Vlada Karpovich on Pexels.com

There are still too many people on the planet who believe nothing can go wrong when they destroy trees

They won’t replant, they only think about making money and living with ease

And if more reducing of the use of paper towels and other similar items was being done

We could look forward…

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Pensamentos.me/ VEM comigo!

Vivaldi translation: ”Be an acid critic. But, a critic who awakens not only the conscience of the other, but helps him to judge things in a different way. Exactly, serve as a boost for those who need to doubt. If the answers in general seem insufficient, help him to doubt.

Whoever questions does not accept everything quietly.”

whoever questions does not accept everything quietly.”

Marii Freire Pereira

Pensamentos.me/VEM comigo!

” Seja um crítico ácido. Mas, um crítico que desperta não só a consciência do outro, mas o ajude a julgar as coisas de um modo diferente. Exatamente, sirva de impulso para aqueles que precisam duvidar. Se as respostas de modo geral, lhes parecem insuficiente o ajude a duvidar.

Quem questiona, não aceita tudo calado.”

quem questiona, não aceita tudo calado.”

Marii Freire Pereira

https://Pensamentos.me/ VEM comigo!

Imagem & criação: Marii Freire Pereira

Santarém, Pá 21 de Julho de 2021

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Veil and evil consists of the same letters. Being veiled hides who we are and being evil reveals how monstrous we are. In our interactions with others we should ask ourselves: Are we wearing a veil or are we an evil person. Owning who we are is the first step towards casting off the veil and exposing our character. We can’t fix what’s wrong with us if we don’t look at our behaviour.

© Norma Bobb-Semple 2021

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Random Thoughts From A Bouncy Mind

Filosofa's Word

Just a few thoughts from the bouncing mind inside my head …

I had to laugh when I read in a news aggregator that with both Senate and House back in chambers, we should prepare for what “… could be a frantic couple weeks of legislative action.”  Legislative action???  In today’s inert Senate???  Who do they think they’re kidding?  The most action we are likely to see from the United States Senate in the coming weeks are them posturing on various news shows and faux news shows to trash talk the other side.  If any meaningful legislation comes out of the Senate anytime soon, I will be in shock.

The Senate has been discussing the infrastructure bill for months now.  It is allegedly now a bi-partisan bill that the Republicans insisted be pared down from its original status, but even then, it doesn’t have enough Republican support to overcome…

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Rutas de un viajero. Capítulo XV. El Sagrario, rincón pintoresco e irrepetible de Pátzcuaro

How wondrous. Imagine what all this looked like when just finished – magnificent!

Santiago Galicia Rojon Serrallonga


Derechos reservados conforme a la ley/ Copyright

Parece un dibujo de ensueño, un trazo distante, una pintura plasmada en el lienzo añejo que reposa en el sótano de las añoranzas y los recuerdos, en algún rincón del mundo, en un espacio cautivante y mágico, donde cada detalle se transforma en arte, partitura, boceto, poesía, porque para los otros, los de entonces, los moradores del Pátzcuaro de las horas coloniales, su pueblo representó la casa, el refugio, la morada, la página en la que diseñaron y protagonizaron los capítulos y las horas de sus existencias.

Desde la hoja que se desprende del follaje y mece el viento suavemente, hasta el cielo que hospeda nubes rizadas que cambian sus formas, transitan fugazmente y reflejan su coquetería en el lago legendario, donde las islas, el tule y las garzas coexisten, el escenario se presenta magistral y extraordinario para enmarcar…

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