Jamaica Update, July 19, 2021: An abandoned bicycle, a lifeboat, and a bulk resignation letter

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It has been two weeks since I wrote my last update. However, I will try to ensure there is no “stale” news here. I have been what millennials would call “super busy” – with a bumper crop of mangoes, and the Caribbean Tree Planting Week (read more here!) We are also living in some kind of organized chaos, getting a new roof and all kinds of other rearrangements that have turned our modest home upside down (it doesn’t take much). Now that Elsa has departed, the weather has been warm, humid and breezy all at the same time in Kingston. In other parts of the island, there has been heavy rains, but none for us city dwellers.

Haiti’s first lady Martine Moise, wearing a bullet proof vest and her arm in a sling, arrives at the Toussaint Louverture International Airport in Port-au-Prince. | Haiti’s Secretary of State for…

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