Borneo Rain forest

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Palm Oil – Destroying our World

Borneo is a tiny and a unique part of our world. We feel so privileged to have traveled here. One oftheoldest rain forest intheworld, and home to a huge number of plants, trees, mammals and at least 400 types of birds. Our guide pointed out plants with various medicinal properties. Native people here have used many plants for centuries to relieve stomach ailments, infections, and headaches.

But on the sad side, there is a clear risk that hundreds of species could become extinct due to Palm Tree Forests.

It is one of the World’s most important biological sites. Sadly it is at risk of being destroyed by mankind. Borneo’s rain forests are being cut and degraded for timber, palm oil, pulp, rubber and minerals.Oil palm development contributes to deforestation

One of the biggest drivers of deforestation is the growth of oil palm plantations…

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