Hunter’s Moon

A great and wonderful tale…

Weekend Stories by Trishikh

Chandrabhanu lay motionless as a rock on the wet and cold forest floor, camouflaged in the colours of the jungle like a predator patiently waiting for his score. Neither the seldom trickling of the night dew nor the occasional insects crawling across his seasoned skin made him blink or move. The creature he was after was nothing like any other predator he had ever hunted before. After twenty-one days of chasing this ghost in the darkness, his chances to succeed was best on this illuminated night of the hunter’s moon.

More than three hours had passed since he had moved. The unflinching wait had slowly sunk his weight a few inches into the mossy forest floor. He had finally managed to track down the beast to this ancient cave in the darkest heart of the woods but wondered how to bring down this mighty foe. The animal was stealthier than…

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  1. Thank you Ned for reblogging this story of mine. It is a great honour for me to have you showcase my stories in your blog. I am sure your followers would love this sage – the tale of a mind-blowing, bone chilling hunt for a beast terrorizing the Asura Tribe in the jungles of Purulia in West Bengal in the year 1900.

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