COVID Vaccines and Breast-Feeding


[A friend raised this topic, and I thought it was time to revisit it and see the current state of research. Enjoy the good news!]

Skeptics have argued that because there were no samples of breast-feeding mothers in vaccine trials, it is unknown as to whether vaccines are safe when nursing.


These concerns are theoretical; the engineering in the vaccines is real.

The argument for safety of vaccines is based on the genetic engineering used to produce this generation of COVID products. Vaccines based on mRNA technology simply don’t have the risks associated with older products developed through culturing eggs. That’s also why mRNA vaccines are much faster in production. We’re not going through the cumbersome and time consuming process of impregnating chickens, waiting for eggs, collecting eggs and harvesting the vaccine from them. Instead, we’re using computer science to directly produce what we want. Everything you know about…

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