2 Ingredient Nutella Pastry!

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It was ‘WORLD CHOCOLATE DAY’ on July 7th !!!

Who doesn’t love this holiday day??? But Wait…..

Forget the same boring simple chocolate, bring out Fancy without much Wancy work.


All you need are Puff Pastry sheets and Chocolate spread – Anything you like – Nutella, Cocoa Almond spread, Hazelnut spread, Cashew spread – heck even Chocolate Sesame spread. As long as you see Chocolate in its words, you can pick it.

To be very frank, its not even a recipe! So, don’t quote me on the recipe on this yummy day. I am just trying to make your life easy! I hope we are still Friends????


Follow the instructions on the package of Puff Pastry sheet and thaw it correctly. (The glorious layers either puff or huff depending on this step). – So, don’t get them directly from Freezer to counter. They don’t puff up properly…

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