“Nature is our lifeline”: A young indigenous Surinamese woman speaks during Caribbean Tree Planting Week

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Caribbean Tree Planting Week (July 5 – 11, 2021) was diverse, vibrant, packed with valuable information, and full of youthful energy. Two sessions per day for a week, it covered a great range of topics – centred on nature-based solutions and climate action in the form of tree planting.

One of the participants on the first day was Shylina Lingaard, a young woman who feels passionately about threats to her own culture in Suriname and to the forests that her people depend on.

Another problem is that indigenous knowledge and way of life is “fading – slowly but certainly” – especially among the youth, many of whom do not speak their native language. “Development” is happening – not always good development, said Shylina. She feels that indigenous people are “slowly disconnecting” from their culture. And a critical part of that culture is the connection with Nature.

The connection of Indigenous…

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