Day 50/67 of GED in Five Months, language learning, and libraries

Critical thinking for Human Community

 How can you determine what the meaning of a word is in a mathematical context?  And where would you find the resource that may put all of that information right at your fingertips?  Solving word problems in mathematics, and all life’s problems are really word problems, requires learning the language of mathematics, which every Adult needs to understand.

Today’s reading may be interesting to see how a word or theory can change over time, starting with two parallel slits that kicked off a world of new questions:

The Double-Slit Experiment
By the early 19th century, most physicists agree with Newton’s well-established theory of light, which says that light takes the form of particles—what we now call photons. But English scientist Thomas Young isn’t convinced, and in 1803, he designs an experiment to test the status quo. Young aims a beam of light at a barrier that has two slits…

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